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If you require a website, I can help.

Whether you need a small site, maybe a single page, or a large scale web application, I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

I can build a website for you using a any of a number of technologies. On the client side, I am fluent in HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery. On the server side, I can use Microsoft’s ASP.NET with C# (including MVC4 with Razor) or PHP.

I can also design and develop WordPress themes for your website.

For examples of my work, please see below:

Client Websites

Websites I have created for clients.

This website was for Lynda Irving, a professional music teacher. The site is constructed from scratch in HTML5 and CSS3, with a little jquery/javascript thrown in as well.
Abigail Noli
This website was created for Abigail Noli when she announced her candidacy for the new Douglas Shire Council. She went on to win a place on the new council. The website is put together using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC4 using html5, css3 and jquery/javascript, and has a user management interface and custom built comment system. The comment system allows for comment approvals, deletions and editing, and email responses to comments.

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